The captivating intricacies of the female body have always been present but ever-changing in art. Over the centuries, artists played a great role in investigating and depicting the feminine, often achieving great outcomes. For a long time, however, the woman’s body was a taboo, and only some of its deepest nuances came alive in art.

The most problematic of all the myths is that women are ‘not’ (and should not be) desiring beings. This misconception roots from an essentially patriarchal framework which is based on the dynamics of power where man is the provider and woman is the receiver. This power play is also prevalent in a typical heterosexual couple’s sexual activities. 


I love my body, I have learned to know it well over the years, I believe that masturbation is a fundamental part of this journey of self-knowledge and I have decided to pay homage to women like me who feel free to show themselves naked, without any shame.

Hot calendar

Can the naked female body ever be free?