Photos are a way of remembering and even if we have a good memory, looking at them brings back emotions we have forgotten about. In about a year I have collected 11,220 photos in the gallery of my Iphone, I don't often look at them, but I know they are there, I know that if one day I want to look back at a trip I made in the mountains I will be able to do so, if I want to remember the good times I had with a person I will be able to share them with him/her again. With this project I wanted to bring the same emotion onto paper, to personalize it.

I illustrated for about a month moments that were significant, probably incomprehensible to anyone else. I printed a little book whose purpose is just to make me smile when I look at it, sometimes cry (depending on the mood). I had just been living in Barcelona when I started illustrating in this style and it seemed like an opportunity to train myself, during the first months in this fantastic city I met people I will never forget, and they are all in this book.

My Bcn

Illustrations that become snapshots of moments