Project about food sustainability.

Thesis project that start with the exploration of the issue and ends with the proposal of a solution.

01. Un.sustainable

Double use incense holder.

The package turns into the holder itself.

02. Brezza

Packaging and identity for a new vegan cashew cheese.

03. Nuvolino

A magazine that explores the theme of the ethereal, spaces of the mind and abandoned places.

04. Etereo

A calendar that revisits the theme of nudity and sexuality through illustration.

05. Hot calendar

1 drawing a day for a month to tell about the beginning of my experience in Barcelona through illustration.

06. My Bcn

Collection of illustrated shirts and bags inspired by the album Non al denaro, non all'amore, nè al cielo by De andrè, 1 illustration per song.

07. Non all'amore

Drawings I create with procreate and ipad pro in my spare time.

08. Imagery