Humans are no longer sustainable for the planet

100% of global warming is the result of human activity


Unsustainable is my master's thesis project. It is the result of a lot of research and data collection, it is a project that I really care about and I want to continue working on it.

I have been a vegan for many years and I am genuinely disappointed to see how the problems caused by our diet are completely ignored by the majority of people. Scientific data is available to everyone, it is not hidden, ignorance and neglect is a choice, I have chosen to try and contribute to a change.

Shifting to healthy diets that include sustainability considerations can contribute to reducing health and climate change costs by 2030, because the hidden costs of these diets are lower compared with those of current consumption patterns.

This project is a hypothesis for the future, a very near future in which eating meat and animal derivates products will no longer really be acceptable.  Through a system of classifying food according to its "unsustainability" and an app this project offers solutions to be more sustainable. The app recommends a better, more sustainable food in the supermarket, better for the consumer and the planet.


Thesis project that follows the exploration of the topic 'Environmental impact of food production' and arrives at a possible solution to the problem.